🤖 Free Tools That Make Your Day Better 🤖

Robots.txt Bulk Check API

Check if a set of URLs are blocked via robots.txt in one API request

Ping XML Sitemaps to Google

Paste a list of XML sitemap URLs and ping them within milliseconds to Google, from your browser 100% private.

XML Sitemap Analyzer & Exporter

Analyze an XML sitemap index to extract & export all URLs, along with the number of URLs each sitemap contains.

Google Knowledge Graph API Entity Exporter

Export data from the Google Knowledge Graph API for free and effortless into a CSV file.


Merge CSV Files

Merge N number of CSV files into one in one click saving hassle and time.

Combination Generation Tool

Generate combinations of two or more elements with a customizable string at unseen scale from your browser 100% private.

Cat Name API

API to generate cat names in a simple way.


Remove Metadata from Image

Easily remove EXIF, IPTC and XMP metadata from your image.