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Cat Name API

This is a cat name API. The API endpoint generates names based on an adjective and a name in this order.

This the API endpoint: https://tools.estevecastells.com/api/cats/v1

This is an example API call with a limit of 10 elements: https://tools.estevecastells.com/api/cats/v1?limit=10

The API generates random results in every request so it's very unlikely you will hit the same variation at any given time, unless you're querying for 10's of thousands of results.

Limits: The API has a limit of 1000 names per request, so if you use more than 1000 in the limit field it will just return 1000 names.

There is no rate limit but please do not abuse my free shiny API :)

If you don't introduce a limit value, it will return just one name.

Examples: This is an example API response: ["Dirty Ginger"]

And this is an example of 5 results: ["Rich Cotton","Low Comet","Round Juniper","Icy Blueberry","Solid Frosty"]